Stable air mattress for a wide range of pressure ulcer management issues
The nagomi X AS-M002 has been developed for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in those at low to medium risk based on the themes of "stability" and "risk reduction".
Pressure re-distribution

The small air cells of the mattress make it possible to absorb the pressure applied locally and to ideally redistribute it to a large surface to support the body.

Mattresses developed following conventional concepts could offer good pressure redistribution only at the cost of poor support and increased movement difficulty, and alternatively, could provide good stability only by decreasing pressure redistribution.
The special shape of the X cells provides both good pressure redistribution and superior stability.
These cells help in the prevention and treatment of bedsores while facilitating patient movement and increasing their autonomy.
Dedicated heel zone

The inner pressure of the heel zone is lower than in other areas.
This provides added protection to the vulnerable parts of the body.

Other functions